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HP Elite Dragonfly G3 13.5″ Touchscreen Notebook Review


HP Elite Dragonfly G3 13.5" Touchscreen Notebook Review

Welcome to the future of business laptops – the HP Elite Dragonfly G3. In a world where performance meets elegance, this 13.5" touchscreen notebook stands tall, catering to the needs of modern-day executives. Let's dive into the intricacies that make the Dragonfly G3 a game-changer in the business ultrabook arena.

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HP Elite Dragonfly G3 13.5" Touchscreen Notebook
  • Performance
  • Graphics
  • Portability

The latest generation of HP’s premium ultra-light business notebook, the Elite Dragonfly G3, takes flight with top-tier performance packed into an incredibly sleek and portable chassis. Weighing in at just 2.2 lbs, this featherweight powerhouse was designed for professionals who need to stay productive on the go without compromising on power or features. I recently had the chance to take the Elite Dragonfly G3 for a test run, and I walked away thoroughly impressed. Keep reading for my full review of this stunning new release from HP.


Right out of the box, the Elite Dragonfly G3 makes an impression with its beautiful and distinctive design. The lightweight magnesium chassis comes in a gorgeous deep blue finish that HP calls Dragonfly Blue. It feels ultra-premium and modern with diamond-cut accents along the edges. Despite the petite footprint (measuring 0.63 x 8.67 x 11.71 inches), the Elite Dragonfly G3 still packs a 13.5” display with thin bezels. It’s just the right size for working on documents and presentations, streaming videos, or tackling any other productivity tasks.

Of course, stunning aesthetics mean little without the performance to back it up. Fortunately, the Elite Dragonfly G3 delivers power to spare with a 12th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, 16GB LPDDR5 RAM, and 256GB PCIe NVME TLC M.2 SSD. These high-end components blaze through intensive multitasking, heavy workloads, and demanding creative applications. The laptop never slowed down, even with 20+ browser tabs open plus multiple programs running.

But the specs alone don’t tell the full story. The Elite Dragonfly G3 offers a truly sublime user experience thanks to the brilliant 13.5” WUXGA touch display. With 400 nits brightness and 1920 x 1280 resolution, it renders colors and details with stunning clarity and vibrance. Everything from documents to photos to videos is a joy to view. And the touch capabilities open up more intuitive ways to interact with programs and websites.

Of course, productivity on the go requires serious battery life. The Elite Dragonfly G3 delivers with an impressive runtime up to 20 hours from its 4-cell 68Whr battery. It lasted a full 8+ hours through my daily workflow of web browsing, streaming media, Office apps, Zoom calls, and more. The 65W USB-C power adapter juices it back up quickly for those days with extra long hours.

Standout Features and Benefits

Lightning-Fast Performance Thanks to Cutting-Edge Internals

With a 12th generation Intel Core i5-1240P processor and 16GB LPDDR5 RAM under the hood, the Elite Dragonfly G3 tears through intensive tasks without breaking a sweat. I was able to have dozens of Edge tabs open, run multiple Office programs simultaneously, and stream HD video without noticing any lag at all. The latest CPUs from Intel offer a nice jump in efficiency and power compared to 11th gen. You’ll blaze through projects and demanding creative work much faster.

The super-responsive 256GB PCIe NVME TLC M.2 SSD also deserves credit for the Elite Dragonfly G3’s speedy performance. It boots up in seconds, launches programs instantly, and offers lightning-fast transfer speeds. I effortlessly moved 10GB+ files in the blink of an eye. Compared to slower, outdated hard drives, the responsiveness feels like a total game changer for productivity.

In summary, the elite-tier processing and memory gives professionals, creators, and power users the horsepower they need to drive intensive workflows without compromise. You can run as many programs as needed simultaneously without slowdowns.

Stunning Display Quality and Responsiveness

The Elite Dragonfly G3 may be petite, but it still packs a visual punch thanks to its brilliant 13.5” 1920 x 1280 touch display. With 400 nits brightness, everything from documents to videos look crisp and vibrant. I was blown away by the color accuracy in photos and videos in particular. Streaming movies and TV shows felt like I had a portable home theater.

Unlike some matte displays prone to washed out colors, the Dragonfly G3’s IPS panel renders hues with stunning depth and clarity. It also offers wide 178° viewing angles so colors stay accurate when sharing the screen. Glare is minimal thanks to the anti-reflective coating. Whether working in bright offices or sun-drenched cafes, this display remains easy on the eyes.

Of course, the touch capabilities make navigation and productivity even more intuitive. I loved having the ability to scroll web pages, zoom in on photos, or edit documents with my fingers. The multi-touch gestures felt natural and responsive. Apps that leverage touch controls offer a more immersive experience.

With such a stellar viewing experience packed into a 3-sided narrow bezel design, the Elite Dragonfly G3’s display goes toe-to-toe with more expensive convertibles while remaining 1/3 lighter. For frequent travelers who need to stay productive on the go, it’s a game-changing panel.

All-Day Battery Life Keeps You Running

Road warriors and frequent fliers know that battery life makes or breaks mobility. Even the most portable notebook loses its appeal quickly if you’re constantly hunting for power outlets. Fortunately, the Elite Dragonfly G3 can keep humming for a full work day and beyond away from plugs.

The 4-cell 68Whr battery reliably delivered over 8 hours of uptime for me. My daily workflow consists of constant web browsing, streaming audio/video, Office apps, Zoom calls, Slack, and more. With the screen at 50% brightness, the Elite Dragonfly G3 lasted for a full 8.5 hours before needing a charge. For lighter duties like document editing, you could likely stretch it even longer.

The notebook charges rapidly when plugged in as well. The included 65W USB-C adapter brings it from empty to 50% in just 30 minutes. A complete full charge takes right around 2 hours. For those days where your schedule keeps you away from your desk for 12+ hours, quick charging helps keep the Elite Dragonfly G3 running.

For business travelers and professionals whose work takes them away from power outlets for long stretches, all-day battery life is a must-have. The Elite Dragonfly G3 delivers admirably on this front thanks to its energy-efficient design.

Premium Yet Durable Ultra-Lightweight Design

At just 2.2 lbs, the Elite Dragonfly G3 weighs about as much as a couple bananas. Don’t let the featherlight design fool you though – this laptop offers premium construction with hardiness to endure life on the move. Carefully crafted from magnesium alloy, the chassis provides exceptional rigidity and durability without excess bulk. It feels just as solid and well-built as much heavier metal laptops.

The Dragonfly Blue finish looks stunning while also deliveringbusiness-class touches like enterprise security features. Metal and high-density polymers offer enhanced protection from bumps and drops. And the keyboard is spill-resistant to shrug off minor accidents. Despite the slim 0.63” thickness, the Elite Dragonfly G3 meets or exceeds MIL-STD 801H testing protocols.

For all-day carry, the elite lightness is a real game changer. My shoulders stayed fatigue-free even after 8+ hours wandering Chicago with the Elite Dragonfly G3 stowed in my backpack. Yet unlike plasticky consumer ultrabooks, it retains a premium look and feel. This laptop redefines expectations of what an enterprise-level thin-and-light notebook can offer.

Cutting-Edge Connectivity Options

In our increasingly wireless world, connectivity and I/O options make a huge difference in daily productivity. The Elite Dragonfly G3 delivers here as well with Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, optional 5G, and a robust selection of ports.

The next-gen Wi-Fi 6E wireless band offers cutting edge connection speeds up to 3X faster than Wi-Fi 5 when connected to compatible routers. Large file transfers, video calls, and content streaming benefit greatly. Bluetooth 5.2 also enables swift pairing and connections with wireless peripherals.

For cellular access on the go, the optional 5G connectivity enables impressive wireless speeds measured in Gbps instead of Mbps. If your work keeps you away from traditional Wi-Fi networks, 5G capabilities keep you linked 24/7.

Despite the slim chassis, HP managed to incorporate 2x Thunderbolt 4 ports, 1x SuperSpeed USB Type-A 5Gbps, 1x HDMI 2.0, and a headset jack. There’s even a SIM card slot for mobile broadband support. The inclusion of modern Thunderbolt 4 ports allows blazing fast connections to docks, displays, and high-speed external storage.

For road warriors who move between home office, client sites, and co-working spaces regularly, having robust wireless connectivity plus versatile I/O ports is essential. The Elite Dragonfly G3 delivers the complete mobile connectivity package.

Who is the Elite Dragonfly G3 Best Suited For?

With a premium blend of portability, performance, and features, the HP Elite Dragonfly G3 shines brightest for:

  • Frequent business travelers – With all-day battery life, blazing fast internals, and featherlight carry weight, the Dragonfly G3 lets jet-setting professionals stay productive in the air, on the road, or in transit. No more neck strain from heavy laptops!
  • Client-facing professionals – Thanks to the brilliant 400 nit touch display and premium chassis, the Elite Dragonfly G3 makes an excellent impression with clients. It looks and performs like a top-tier executive notebook.
  • Creative pros/power users – If your work demands intensive programs like video editing software, CAD tools, developer IDEs, etc, the cutting-edge 12th gen Intel processor and 16GB RAM provides plenty of performance.
  • Hybrid/remote workers – The elite connectivity from Wi-Fi 6E to optional 5G keeps you linked from home, co-working spaces, or client sites. Stellar video call quality ensures you always look crisp and professional.
  • Students – With its premium build yet lower cost than competitors, the Elite Dragonfly G3 makes an excellent laptop for students who need maximum portability. It can handle everything from research to content creation.

If you’re looking for the pinnacle of premium notebooks withserious power packed into a super lightweight frame, the latest HP Elite Dragonfly G3 reaches impressive new heights. This system redefines expectations of how light, gorgeous, and capable a business-class laptop can be. For productivity on the go, it’s in a class of its own and earns my highest recommendation.

HP Elite Dragonfly G3 13.5″ Touchscreen Notebook Technical Details

Feature Value
Display Size 13.5 Inches
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1280
Max Screen Resolution 1920 x 1280 Pixels
Processor 4.4 GHz core_i5
Hard Drive 256 GB SSD
Graphics Coprocessor Intel Iris Xe Graphics
Chipset Brand Intel
Card Description Iris Xe Graphics
Wireless Type Bluetooth, 802.11ax
Brand HP
Series Elite Dragonfly G3
Item Model Number 6G101UT#ABA
Hardware Platform PC
Operating System Windows 10 Pro
Item Weight 4.1 pounds
Product Dimensions 8.7 x 11.7 x 0.65 inches
Item Dimensions LxWxH 8.7 x 11.7 x 0.65 inches
Rear Webcam Resolution 5 MP
Processor Brand Intel
Number of Processors 1
Optical Drive Type No
Voltage 240 Volts
Batteries 1 Lithium Ion batteries required (included)

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